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CTU accommodation cards

Until 1989, people in the Czech Republic used to learn Russian at school, and normally not English. Many people abovethe age of about 35 do not speak English. Bus drivers and shop assistants may not understand English. Receptionists at CTU dormitories may not speak much English, but we think they will do their best to communicate with you.

For this reason we have prepared CTU ACCOMMODATION CARDS. Cards are available in each dormitory and they will help you to communicate about basic dormitory services. You will find the following cards here: iron, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dryer, study room, changing your bedlinen, breakages & damage, faults & breakdowns, theft, changing your room, reserving sports facilities, visitors, night-time peace and quiet.

Are you still not able to get the message across?

Contact CTU SOS line at +420 720 562 483!